Portugal's 1984 Football Kit Remake A Striped Controversy

“Explore Portugal’s latest 1984 football kit remakes adorned with iconic Three Stripes, a move that may stir legal debate with Adidas. Dive into the details and share your thoughts.”

Portugal, a nation with a rich footballing history, has recently unveiled a surprising twist in the world of football kit remakes. The Portuguese Football Federation (Federação Portuguesa de Futebol) has resurrected their 1984 football kits, a move that has sparked curiosity and debate within the football community.


Portugal's 1984 Football Kit Remake A Striped Controversy
Portugal’s 1984 Football Kit Remake A Striped Controversy


A Blast from the Past

It’s not uncommon for national teams and clubs to pay homage to their heritage by remaking old kits. These throwback designs often evoke nostalgia among fans, celebrating the glorious moments of the past. However, Portugal’s new 1984 kit remakes come with a unique feature – the iconic Three Stripes.

Portugal’s association with Adidas dates back to 1978 when they first partnered with the sportswear giant. This collaboration continued until 1994, a period marked by remarkable achievements for the Portuguese national team. Since 1997, Portugal has been proudly supplied by Nike, one of the world’s leading sports apparel brands. Notably, Puma is set to take over the reins from Nike in 2025.

A Unique Twist: Three Stripes Return

What makes these remakes stand out is the inclusion of the Three Stripes, a design element that is closely associated with Adidas. The original kits, produced by Adidas in 1984, featured these distinctive stripes. However, in the remakes, the Trefoil logo has been omitted, while the iconic Three Stripes remain.

This decision by Portugal’s Football Federation raises intriguing questions about trademark rights. The use of the Three Stripes design is generally trademarked by Adidas, leading to concerns about whether Portugal has the legal right to incorporate them into their remakes. The looming question now is whether Adidas will take legal action against Portugal for the use of this iconic design.


Portugal's 1984 Football Kit Remake A Striped Controversy
Portugal’s 1984 Football Kit Remake A Striped Controversy


A Nod to History and Tradition

The Portugal 1984 Remake football kits are not only a nod to history but also a testament to Portugal’s commitment to its footballing heritage. These kits, produced in-house, are available at a very reasonable price of 50 Euros, making them accessible to fans and collectors alike. Moreover, they are proudly made in Portugal, further emphasizing the nation’s connection to these kits.

A Legal Conundrum

Adidas, a brand synonymous with the Three Stripes, has a history of protecting its trademark vigorously. Court documents from a lawsuit against designer Thom Browne’s fashion house reveal that Adidas has filed over 90 lawsuits and signed more than 200 settlement agreements related to their three-stripe trademark since 2008. This aggressive stance on trademark protection raises questions about how they will respond to Portugal’s use of the Three Stripes in their remakes.

Share Your Thoughts

As football enthusiasts, we can’t help but be intrigued by Portugal’s decision to incorporate the Three Stripes into their 1984 kit remakes. Do you believe that Adidas has a legitimate case for taking legal action? What are your thoughts on the intersection of football heritage and trademark rights? Share your insights and opinions in the comments below, and let’s engage in this exciting debate about Portugal’s striped controversy.



Portugal's 1984 Football Kit Remake A Striped Controversy
Portugal’s 1984 Football Kit Remake A Striped Controversy



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