AC Milan 125th Anniversary Kit

Be part of history! AC Milan invites fans to help design AC Milan’s 125th Anniversary Kit. Vote on stripes, crest, collar, and more. Celebrate with us on December 16, 2024!


Celebrating 125 Years of AC Milan: Introducing the Anniversary Kit

AC Milan is gearing up for a monumental celebration as they approach their 125th anniversary. The second phase of voting for the special commemorative kit has just kicked off, giving fans the power to influence its design.

After having a say in the width of the iconic Rossoneri stripes, supporters now have the chance to cast their votes for their preferred crest. The club has unveiled two options: one featuring the revered St. George’s Cross and the other showcasing the team’s inaugural logo.

Fan-Driven Design: Your Voice in the AC Milan 125th Anniversary Kit

As for what the final two voting rounds will entail, it’s still under wraps. Speculations are rife, with possibilities ranging from design elements to considerations about the Puma logo. It could even involve a subtle touch, like a badge at the collar or the bottom.

On the momentous date of December 16, 2024, AC Milan will mark 125 years of rich history. In an exciting announcement, the club has disclosed its collaboration with Puma to unveil a special edition anniversary kit.

The Power of Choice: Voting on Stripes and Crest

Devotees of AC Milan will have the unique opportunity to co-create this celebratory kit alongside Puma. It will be proudly worn by both the Men’s and Women’s First Teams throughout the 2024-25 season. Additionally, fans will have the chance to own a piece of history by purchasing this exclusive kit.


Crucial aspects of the Puma Milan 24-25 125-year anniversary jersey will be determined by the fans via four online polls.

The inaugural vote revolves around the iconic Rossoneri stripes, offering two timeless choices – one with broader stripes and the other with narrower stripes.


AC Milan 125th Anniversary Kit
AC Milan 125th Anniversary Kit


Other components of the Puma Milan 2024-2025 125-year anniversary jersey will likely include decisions on the collar, the crest, and an additional feature of the shirt.

Anticipation is building for the grand launch of the Puma Milan 24-25 125-year anniversary football shirt, slated for November/December 2024, aligning perfectly with the historic anniversary on December 16th, 2024.

Milan 100th Anniversary Kit

Puma Milan 125-Years Anniversary Kit

🔴 AC Milan is commemorating its 125th anniversary on December 16th, 2024, with a special anniversary kit.

👕 Fans have the chance to shape a celebratory kit that will adorn the AC Milan Men’s and Women’s First Teams.

📊 Fans can make their mark on four crucial elements of the kit through four online polls this month.

🎉 The kit will be a collaborative creation with Puma and will also be available for fans to own and cherish.

Frequently Asked Questions: Everything You Need to Know About AC Milan’s 125th Anniversary Kit

Q1: When will the AC Milan 125th Anniversary Kit be released?

The kit is expected to be launched in November/December 2024, possibly just ahead of the 125th-anniversary celebration on December 16th, 2024.

Q2: How can fans participate in designing the kit?

Fans can take part in the design process through online polls. They’ll have the chance to vote on key elements like stripes, crest, collar, and more.

Q3: Can fans purchase the AC Milan 125th Anniversary Kit?

Yes, the kit will be available for fans to purchase. This special edition jersey will allow fans to own a piece of AC Milan’s historic 125-year journey.

Q4: Are there any restrictions on who can participate in the voting process?

As of now, no specific restrictions have been mentioned. However, it’s recommended to stay updated with official AC Milan announcements for any potential eligibility criteria.

Q5: How many options are there for the crest design?

Fans have two options for the crest design. They can choose between one featuring the St. George’s Cross and another showcasing the team’s original logo.

Q6: Will the 125th Anniversary Kit be worn by both the Men’s and Women’s First Teams?

Yes, the celebratory kit will be proudly worn by both the Men’s and Women’s First Teams during the 2024-25 season.

Q7: Can fans expect any additional surprises or elements in the kit design?

While the final details are yet to be confirmed, fans might also have a say in other elements like the collar, and possibly a unique feature like a badge or slogan.

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