Brentford FC 2023-2024 Home Kit Tradition Meets Modern Style


“Explore the Brentford FC 2023-2024 Home Kit by Umbro, a perfect blend of tradition and modernity. Discover the design, sponsors, and eco-conscious commitment of this iconic jersey.”


Brentford FC 2023-2024 Home Kit Tradition Meets Modern Style
Brentford FC 2023-2024 Home Kit Tradition Meets Modern Style



Brentford FC 2023-2024 Home Kit: Tradition Meets Modern Style

Brentford FC is gearing up for the 2023-2024 and 2024-2025 seasons with a striking new home jersey designed by Umbro. The Brentford FC 2023-2024 Home shirt pays homage to tradition while embracing a contemporary style.

The Design

This eye-catching design incorporates the club’s iconic “bee sting” graphic, elegantly blending shades from red to black. The same gradient effect extends to the shorts, creating a visually captivating look. In this year’s jersey, black plays a more prominent role, resulting in a bolder and more robust appearance.



Brentford FC 2023-2024 Home Kit Tradition Meets Modern Style
Brentford FC 2023-2024 Home Kit Tradition Meets Modern Style


Hollywoodbets remains the front-of-shirt sponsor for both seasons, while PensionBee, a club partner since 2021, takes on the role of the men’s first team sleeve sponsor and the new front-of-shirt sponsor for the B team, women’s teams, and academy teams. This demonstrates the club’s commitment to its partners and its ever-expanding presence in the football world.

Eco-Conscious Commitment

One notable aspect of the Umbro Brentford FC 2023-24 Home football shirt is its two-season life cycle, reflecting Brentford’s dedication to affordability and environmental sustainability. The club’s sustainability efforts extend beyond the pitch.

Font Unveiling

Notably, the club has also unveiled its custom font, which fans can compare to the fonts used in the Premier League. This font adds a unique touch to the jersey, showcasing the club’s attention to detail.

Complete Look

Completing the look of the new Brentford FC 2023-24 Home strip by Umbro are black shorts and socks. This combination encapsulates the club’s identity and provides players with a sleek, unified appearance on the field.

Traditional Meets Modern

The Umbro Brentford FC 23-24 home shirt features the club’s timeless red and white vertical stripes, infused with a modern twist. As you move toward the lower part of the kit, the red stripes seamlessly transition into a striking black gradient. This innovative design element sets this jersey apart from its predecessors.

Modern Accents

To add an extra touch of modernity, solid black elements adorn the undersides of the sleeves and the collar, creating a cohesive and balanced design that captures the essence of Brentford FC.



Brentford FC 2023-2024 Home Kit Tradition Meets Modern Style
Brentford FC 2023-2024 Home Kit Tradition Meets Modern Style


In summary, the Brentford FC 2023-2024 Home Kit by Umbro is a harmonious blend of tradition and contemporary style. With eye-catching design elements, committed sponsors, and an eco-conscious approach, it not only represents the club’s identity but also its forward-thinking values. The addition of a custom font and modern accents make this jersey a must-have for Brentford fans and football enthusiasts alike.


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